The word fasting is not unfamiliar since people practiced it for many generations. Fasting consists of many types, such as the dry fast, water fast, juice fast, and raw fast. However, the most talked-about topic is regarding dry fasting VS water fasting. Sometimes, the options make it confusing, and people become indecisive as to which one to choose. Thus, many people search the dry fasting VS water fasting benefits on the internet since both provide beneficial body changes. Despite getting rewarded with weight loss and toxin loss, the diet plan differs, especially for an individual with any underlying medical condition.

As mentioned, people compare dry fasting vs water fasting to see which one is more beneficial for them. When talking about the water diet, it is right to mention that it helps the body relieve and recover from toxins present in the food. A study claims that fasting also stimulates the brain and allows it to grow, thus improving intelligence. According to the University of California Berkeley, consuming water continuously for three days helps in resetting the immune system. The practitioner of the water diet only drinks water for the whole period.

Some think that dry fasting is harsher and more challenging than the water diet. But attempting a fast by following a Ketogenic diet is more satisfying and useful because the body makes adjustments while feeling hungry and thirsty. Dry fasting also aids in preventing diabetes. According to medical experts, glycemic benefit lower the risk of catching diabetes, especially among those who practice dry fasting for at least twenty-four hours.

It is a proven fact that both water and dry fasting comprises of multiple advantages. But some people make inevitable mistakes that restrict any changes. Therefore, while trying dry fasting, they should avoid overeating once the fast is over, refrain from exercising too hard, and ignoring the body. If a person is unable to finish the fasting period, try other types of short period diets.

Health benefits of dry fasting include enhanced cognitive functioning and lowering blood pressure. The people who ardently do intermittent dry fasting promote the protection of neurons from degeneration. Additionally, it facilitates the regeneration of nerves. Another advantage of dry fasting is the acceleration of body detox. Taking away the toxins in the body prevents many symptoms like lethargy, nausea, or diarrhea.


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