One Piece is a nostalgic and popular animes for both the young and the old. The series centers on Monkey D. Luffy. An avid viewer of the series also watches the special television edition, along with the episodes, movies. Luffy is featured in the manga-anime adaption of the Original Video Animation and on other several franchises like video games and figurine. His face is well-known not only in Japan but also across the ocean since the anime fans are spread in every region.

Due to exporting animes in different parts of the world, One Piece had collectively managed to secure a considerable fan base and increase its demand. In the anime, viewers were thrilled to see the progress of Luffy and his crew. During their voyage, they fought both monsters and men in the race to become the King of Pirates. After consuming the devil fruit, he gained the unique ability, which he nurtured for his advantage. Luffy’s strength made him immune to substantial blunt forces and an electric attack as he could stretch his body without any restrain.

Luffy made use of his elasticity when he needed to focus his power in delivering the most potent attack of punches and kicks. But he had a disadvantage of drowning in the water since he was unable to swim, and his strength diminishes when in contact with water. Despite his lack of swimming ability, he becomes powerful than most men due to the Luffy gear second and Luffy gear fifth. Many fans are interested to know more about all luffy gears since he successfully cultivated his power and made it ten times more potent.

Luffy gears consist of different types and are entirely separate from one another. Gear forth is one of the most complex ones seen by the audience. It has three sub-forms known as Boundman, Tankman, and Snakeman. Boundman lets Luffy’s body turn like a ball and make it bounce off the ground at all times. He becomes immune to many attacks in the form.

Gear second was the first encounter for the viewers. The Luffy gear second allows him to raise his freedom, speed, and power. The level-up is possible as a result of blood flow in a particular body area, or the whole body significantly increases. Using the equipment brings more oxygen and nutrients to the organ, increase metabolism, and supply extra abilities to the individual.


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