Music helps the people to connect; it creates a link between the artist and the listener. Some so many artists write their own lyrics throughout their life experience. Writing a lyric through life experience helps individuals connect even more with the song as they relate it to their situation. Nowadays, Hip-hop is dominating the music industry. Rappers throughout the world are earning millions of dollars for their music. Adding a few touches of hip-hop/rap to any music genre will help change the whole music to another level.

One such upcoming hip-hop/rap artist to be aware of is Hunid. This young talented artist is placing the bars of the industry at a really significant level. Though his music could be as popular as other A-list rappers, he can reach the top one day due to his talent. It’s just the beginning for him, but his music is already recognized and approved by many.

Hunid has released few singles like know so, I really like to sleep, I’m scared, 5 hours, in case you were wondering, idc, etc.. His most popular songs are, trust yourself, know so, no longer, realest life, I like sleep. Hunid latest single is”too bad,” too bad is an emotional and very personal song, in this music he takes the listeners in-depth to his journey of jealousy and the way he overcame that after his break up with his long time girlfriend.

This music, like any music of his own, is written through his relationship encounter with his ex-girlfriend, who he really loved at the time and did everything to make the relationship work even though many things didn’t work out. Because of his love for this girl, he did everything to make her happy and loved without realizing the most important thing, that’s self-love and care. In this song, he talks mainly about how he understands many things after the breakup and emphasizes on the topic of self-love. His songs aren’t only amazing but also an inspiration.


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